1. Which telly chef doesn’t come up with any of the recipes in his books? An assistant comes up with all the ideas and he just approves it and puts his name to it. Naughty. (Daily Mirror via BlindGossip)

2. Which high-powered New York children’s charity might be good for children but could face a major lawsuit over how it treats its pregnant employees? The head of the organization cannot afford an embarrassing situation. (New York Post via BlindGossip)

3. This once tight-knit TV family has not been the same since of one of its members was ousted. Will the family be able to pull back together or will they have to dump another — the family leader, fain leader — and take it from there? ( 2 Down Front)

My Guesses:
1. Gordon Ramsay
2. The Eric Trump Foundation
3. Two and a Half Men