Neil Patrick Harris in 'Puppet Dreams'

Neil Patrick Harris has chosen to go public with an ultra rare sleep disorder that causes him to dream only in puppet. The result is a hilarious new series of viral video shorts that cast the actor in goofy, fun, pun-filled entertainment.

Patrick Harris describes the latest video, “Restaurant.” “We filmed each episode to be unique not only in its length, but in its style and in its content, so there’s some darker ones that are more like documentaries, There’s music videos that are filmed with tons of edits and I thought ‘Restaurant’ would be fun to go real old school pun-laden, even rim shotty. Rim shotty (laughs). That’s a good expression. It’s a very different take on the sense of humor that we have in other episodes, but I actually think it’s manic and very Muppet and fun.”

Despite the naughty puns in “Restaurant,” the actor went on to say, “There’s a dirtier one for sure. There’s a couple dirtier ones, actually. This one’s just a little naughty. But I was just grinning ear to ear filming it, ‘cause you see me at a table, but below me there are six different people looking at monitors that are all on the ground wearing head mics with puppets, operating different arms and quickly taking off and removing different puppets. The process of filming with puppets is unreal.”